Kitchen taps
Stylish and natural

At Caressi, the source of water and hygiene is also a source of beauty.
Our collection of kitchen taps is characterised by its ease of use and timeless look and feel.

Hygienic and long-life

Stainless steel is beautiful and has a long lifetime. This long-life series of kitchen taps has been completely made from stainless steel.

White Line Taps

Caressi White Line: return home to an oasis of peace and calm. Play with various materials to provide peace and coherence. Manufactured entirely from stainless steel with a white finish.

Black Line taps

The taps from the Black Line are characterised by an elegant black finish, giving your kitchen a rustic and luxurious look.

Water-saving tap

This water-saving stainless steel tap with its two-position handle and modified water jet lets you save water.

Brilliant and strong

Chrome-plated brass taps for intensive daily use.

Modern and colourful

Colour your tap with the Caressi Colours line. Also perfect for mixing and matching with our colourful accessories.

Basic Line

On a limited budget but still want to purchase a sturdy sink or tap? At Caressi we love to help: our Basic Line guarantees you the Caressi quality for an amazingly attractive price!