Caressi gives
the best deal


First-class product

We work to a European quality standard, are active with quality marks, and test all products.


Sharp prices

We guarantee affordable products through clever purchasing and by keeping our lines short.


Quick delivery

Our stocks in the Netherlands enable us to act quickly and flexibly.



We love innovation and are always looking for ways to make our products better and more beautiful.

From a strong base

A first-class product, sharp prices and quick delivery offer extra certainty for our customers. This makes us a friendly and reliable partner. That is our rock-solid foundation. But there is more. We go on, because we feel good in this world full of innovations. By constantly wondering whether things can be done differently, original ideas for product innovations and flexible solutions crop up all the time. And to make our ideas come true, we initiate strong partnerships. We engage the outside world, from Switzerland to Germany, and from product designers to end consumers, in order to achieve the best creations.


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Caressi offers the kitchen industry accessories with the logo of the selling organisation. Add your logo to a tap or wall overflow, or make an impression by putting your logo on our accessories, such as a wooding carving board, a knife block, a trivet, colander, leftover tray or folding mat.

Service and maintenance

Scratches on stainless steel are highly visible, especially in the beginning, although they gradually fade through daily use and maintenance. Caressi offers special cleaners for protecting, maintaining and cleaning stainless steel, chrome and aluminium.

Complete warranty

Caressi offers a 5-year full warranty on taps and a 2-year full warranty on all other products.

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