Kitchen sinks
from clean-lined to vintage.

The kitchen sink is central in your kitchen. Our special collection offers you kitchen sinks for every style of kitchen and for every form of use.

Clean is healthy

The seamlessly welded plug in this handmade Power Plug kitchen sink ensures extra hygiene and ease of use. Stylish down to the last detail.

Fresh and refined

These handmade stainless steel sinks are perfect to use. Their round corners ensure optimum hygiene.

Clean-lined and dynamic

This strong kitchen sink features diagonal lines for a dynamic and playful design. Perfectly clean-lined down to the last corner.

Our favourite square

Handmade stainless steel kitchen sinks with a square drain.

Rustic and elegant

A black sink from the Black Line will add an exciting contrast to your kitchen.

Country-style modern

Caressi’s tiled kitchen sink lends a vintage look and feel to your kitchen. Matching both country and modern kitchen styles.

Our classic

This sink series has a timeless design. Perfectly rounded down to the last detail.

Natural and special

These kitchen sinks have been developed especially for a kitchen with a stone or granite wall lining.