Kitchen taps
Stylish and natural

At Caressi, the source of water and hygiene is also a source of beauty.
Our collection of kitchen taps is characterised by its ease of use and timeless look and feel.

Hygienic and long-life

Stainless steel is beautiful and has a long lifetime. This long-life series of kitchen taps has been completely made from stainless steel.

Water-saving tap

This water-saving stainless steel tap with its two-position handle and modified water jet lets you save water.

Black Line taps

The taps from the Black Line are characterised by an elegant black finish, giving your kitchen a rustic and luxurious look.

Modern and colourful

Colour your tap with the Caressi Colours line. Also perfect for mixing and matching with our colourful accessories.

Brilliant and strong

Chrome-plated brass taps for intensive daily use.